Dead Cells: Rise of the Giants DLC Now Available on Nintendo Switch and PS4

Dead Cells has been out since August, and the game’s rogue-lite nature makes it a killer title for any platform. It’s great for quick play sessions, while still having enough depth to be addictive enough for really long play sessions too. The game has received a lot of gameplay tweaks over time, but not a lot in the way of new content – until the release of the Rise of the Giants DLC. This DLC was released for the PC version a few weeks ago, and now it’s available on the Switch’s eShop and the PlayStation Store as well.

The DLC gives you two new stages and two new bosses as well as changing up item stacks to make you more powerful. The content is aimed at high-level players and is set up to bring more of a challenge than the main game. Nearly a dozen new enemies are featured along with over a dozen weapons and skills to learn and upgrade your character. New skins will also be featured to change up your playable character a bit too. The game is currently on sale for $19.99 and no matter when you buy this game, you will get the DLC free – but at $20, this is a fantastic value.