Gunlord X from NGDEV Now Available on the Switch

NGDEV has made their name for the past decade by releasing a ton of games on the Dreamcast, and is now seeing their first release on the Nintendo Switch. Gunlord X offers up a side-scrolling Contra-style affair, but with people in heavy armor – looking a bit like characters from the Mega Man series. In the case of this particular game, it was first released on the Neo-Geo and then saw a release later on for the Dreamcast.

Prior versions offered up 4:3 gameplay, but this will be the first version with a widescreen aspect ratio and it also features a 60 frames per second framerate in both docked and portable modes. Gunlord X offers up not only traditional pad and button controls, but a twin-stick setup similar to the Xbox 360 and later enhanced version of A.R.E.S., which is another Contra-like experience on the market. Gunlord X can be yours for only $9.99 on the eShop now, and is a must-play for anyone wanting a fast-paced action game either on the go or at home. At $10, it’s a no-brainer for a day one purchase if you like the genre.