Nintendo Releases E3 Schedule with Confirmed E3 Demos, More

Gamers rejoice! That glorious time of year is almost upon us as E3 2019 draws closer. To prepare for the E3 action, Nintendo has released information about their conference time. In addition to the conference schedule, Nintendo has released a list of titles available for hands-on play, for the first time ever, at E3.

The conference starts June 11 and runs until June 13. Nintendo has a live stream schedule for all three conference days. Starting on Tuesday, at 9am (PT), a Nintendo direct will open with a Nintendo Treehouse stream to follow. Wednesday and Thursday, starting at 9am, the Nintendo Treehouse will continue streaming E3 current affairs. Hopefully the Nintendo Treehouse streams will dive deeper into the details of those highly anticipated titles like Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and more that are available for play at the conference.