Amid Evil Debuts Trippy New Final Zone in Release Date Trailer

Evil is no place to be amidst unless you’ve got incredible firepower at your disposal.  All the demons, beasties, and other assorted horrors wandering the twisted hallways of otherworldly realms are instant death to anyone not packing a full arsenal, and it’s going to take more than one kind of projectile to handle their many different attacks and behaviors.  Amid Evil is a pure action FPS set in a dark fantasy world, a cheerfully brutal throwback to one of the best Doom-engine games ever made, Heretic.  The interconnected levels are just large enough to feel intricate without getting too crazy about it, each new realm has its own variety of enemies to fight, and the scenery gets more ornate the farther you go.  After over a year of Early Access, adding new episodes one at a time as the months went by, Amid Evil is finally ready to finish up with Episode 7 when the game launches into full release on June 20.  Based on the trailer the final area is a beautiful world of abstract geometry, a giant purple rave set against levels that have finally given up on pretending to serve any human purpose.  It turns out Evil has incredible taste in useless but impressive architecture, making for what looks to be a truly epic landscape to destroy it in.  Give a look to the trailer below to see what happens when Amid Evil infests the near-incomprehensible landscapes of a neon mandebulb gone bad.