E3 2019: Tales of Arise Officially Announced

The next entry in the Tales RPG series has finally gotten an official announcement. Dubbed Tales of Arise, the game is, if nothing else, looking like it’ll be the most visually striking of the series thus far. The trailer below serves as little more than a tech demo showing-off the new visual style, but it’s still quite impressive nonetheless.

All that said, Bandai Namco has seen fit to release the backdrop within which the new story will take place. Tales of Arise is set in a solar system with two neighboring planets: Dahna and Rena. The people of Dahna hold Rena in high regard, so much so that their legends and myths about the planet have become truths in their minds. This isn’t reality though; in fact the truth is very harsh. It seems Rena has been ruling over the Dahna for the better part of 300 years, and have stripped its people of their rights and freedoms.

The two protagonists of Tales of Arise are individuals from different worlds, but their goal is the same: escape their fate and create a better future for both themselves and their people. No release date yet, but fans should expect to see it sometime in 2020.