Screenshot Saturday Featuring GRIME, Blasphemous, Many More

Welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where developers take to Twitter in a day that allows their games to shine even further and…okay, I’ll be honest, I’m in an airport as I write this, about to head to E3 this year, so I don’t have time for anything elaborate. Just enjoy the impressive, promising games, y’all!

Incidentally, there is a chance we may be taking next week off, or will at least have a substitute writer, just letting you all know. Now on with the show!

Little Hellions- Yes, this is technically a tweet leading to another tweet containing a link leading to a trailer for this teleportation-based mutliplayer game. But aside from the fact that the snippet of action we have here looks pretty damn awesome as well, the trailer is incredible and adrenaline-filled as well, so it deserves all the attention in any way possible.

GRIME- Little is known about this 2D action RPG game right now, except that it looks quite impressive so far with its striking setting and fluid animations and gameplay. Also, apparently you’ll be breaking everything apart, according to the Twitter account’s description. Though it looks like this boss decided to beat you to the punch and break themselves apart.

Blasphemous- Charging bull/minotaur-like enemies are a bit of a standard in more than a few action games. But given how big and brutal this jaw-dropping metroidvania game looks to be, it only seems appropriate that even those types of enemies get beefed up a bit here as well. Certainly hope you get the upgrades needed to jump over that…

Bloodroots- Our latest sweet Bloodroots clip sees our hero heading into an industrial factory, and in a game where anything can be used as a weapon, this means the tons of mechanical parts and devices lying around will make this the equivalent of a kid in a candy shop (though Mr. Wolf could easily kill everyone with the candy as well).

Neon Death Pact- Well, we’ve already featured one game here today with a recent trailer, so why not plug the latest trailer for this unique narrative-based sci-fi puzzle game as well? Again, we see a little snippet of it here as well, showcasing that retrieving the memories from self-terminated androids will require a little tidying up first.

Sea Salt- And going again with action-packed snippets, we head into the latest one for the game where you control hordes of monsters to get revenge on the town that wouldn’t pony up to an Elder God. As seen here, failure to do so results in a rather huge mess, to say the least. But making that mess sure looks fun…

MONOLISK- Everybody loves a good isometric dungeon crawler, that’s for sure. But what about one where you get to create the levels and share them with other players? Well, given the kaizo levels created by Super Mario Maker as an example, expect a huge challenge. But hey, if you’re behind those kinds of dungeons, don’t complain when you have to go through them as well. Joking aside, still an impressive-looking game so far.

Bite the Bullet- Mega Cat’s latest entry into crafting unique retro games is a run-and-gun game where you will actually be able to eat your enemies to gain certain perks (or weaknesses, if you don’t watch your diet). Certainly a unique concept with a lot of potential, but it leaves you wondering what this massive mound is going to taste like…

Guardian Sphere- Pixel-boy has popped up here before with The Mind Sword, and his latest pixelated title is a shoot-’em-up that seems to have the same kind of charm as his other work, as seen with these characters. You can check out the game so far right here, which is a shoot-’em-up where your life also acts as currency, and looks quite fun.

Ghostball- And ending on one more game in progress on right now, we have a simple yet fun-looking arcade game where you bash Halloween monsters in by kicking a ball around, which immediately brings Mega Man 8 memories to mind. We also get a peek at some of the enemies here, and good luck hitting something as fast as this with a well-placed kick.