Shenmue I and II Join Xbox Game Pass

Shenmue I and II launched with some issues on the Xbox One, but with some time, those issues seem to have subsided. With the news that Shenmue III has been delayed until November, long-time fans endured a bit of a sting this week. However, those wanting to play the first two games on modern devices and not stick with the Dreamcast/Xbox versions of the first two, will be able to enjoy them in a new way. Both games are a part of the Xbox Game Pass, which allows you to play them on an Xbox One, or if you want to play on PC, then you can do so with Xbox Game Pass for PC via the Microsoft Store.

The series always feels right at home with the Xbox, in part due to the Dreamcast feeling a lot like what a successor to the Dreamcast would have been with games like Jet Set Radio Future and Panzer Dragoon Orta on it alongside the port of Shenmue II. Tons of Sega games also got backwards compatibility support on the Xbox 360, furthering that feeling, and that has rung true on the Xbox One as well. So far, Shenmue III isn’t set to hit the Xbox One, but playing the games on PC with the DC controller-esque Xbox One pad will still feel very similar and provide the best overall experience when it comes to bug fixes on the re-release of the classic games.