E3 2019: Puzzle-Platformer Etherborn Gets a Release Date for Console, PC

Altered Matter today announced during the Kinda Funny Showcase at E3 a release date for Etherborn.

According to the Spanish studio, the exploration puzzle-platformer will be heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on July 18.

Etherborn has players taking control of a voiceless being and are tasked with helping a bodiless voice to find its own conscience.

As the voiceless being, players will need to manipulate gravity as they maneuver around the in-game world.

Altered has described each of the levels like a “sort of environmental Rubik’s Cube,” meaning that players must “explore, manipulate and shift perspective on in order to decipher the way forward.”

The independent developer’s debut title has an average playthrough that lasts from four to five hours.

For the different levels and puzzles that feature in them, some of them can be completed in ten minutes while the final level can last up to fifty minutes from start to finish.

Altered said that it is also working on an ‘Added Challenge’ mode, which increases the difficulty of puzzles by putting certain elements in hard-to-reach locations.

Players will have access to the mode at launch or as part of the title’s first update, the developer confirmed.

Etherborn has been in development for over three years and Altered has received backing on the project from FoxNext Games, Fig and Humble Bundle.