E3 2019: Shadows of the Hitokiri For Honor Event is Live Now

Ubisoft showed-off the next big event for For Honor during their E3 2019 press briefing today, and it actually looks pretty interesting. Shadows of the Hitokiri adds the Soul Rush game mode, as well as new “spectral” customization options for all heroes.

In Soul Rush, warriors will do battle in a new map set in the village of Kaidan. Their task is to collect 1000 souls before the enemy team and either secure victory or be lost among the tormented dead. Souls are collected by defeated soldiers and bringing their souls to special “Soul Zones;” once souls are in the zone, they are permanantly collected of one’s team and cannot be lost again.

Once the necessary number of souls is gathered, the opposing team will “break” and can be full and truly defeated. Victory is all the sweeter in Shadows of the Hitokiri too, since it’ll bring exclusive rewards that will longer be available once the event ends on June 27.

Check out the event’s backstory in the new trailer below!