E3 2019: Ubisoft Announces Uplay Plus, Launches September

Ubisoft’s Uplay has been something of a joke for about as long as the service has existed. It seems Ubisoft is aware of this, because they’ve announced something of an upgrade to the service during their E3 2019 press briefing today. Starting this September, Ubisoft fans can sign up for Uplay Plus.

As described on stage, this is a game streaming service that will grant subscribers access to some of Ubisoft’s most popular titles as well as all future releases. Uplay Plus will cost $14.99 per month and will presumably be available on all major platforms. It’ll even be available on Google Stadia sometime in 2020.

Beyond having access to over 100 games, users of the service will also enjoy automatic inclusion in early access and beta programs for new releases like Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Those who’d like to give the service a try without having to pay right away can sign up anytime between June 10 and August 15 to get a free one month trial of Uplay Plus once it launches on September 3.