E3 2019: Warframe Railjack Revealed to be Empyrean Expansion

Last year at Tennocon 2018 we had a multitude of announcements, from a Nintendo Switch version to the second major open area expansion. Well, at E3 this year, just prior to Tennocon next month, Digital Extremes has revealed Railjack’s official name.

The next major expansion will now be known as Empyrean and will feature the 1-4 player ship combat that was lightly touched upon last year. In addition, Digital Extremes has brought a forty-five second teaser trailer to get you excited. They will be showing more July 6 on their Tennocon livestream, and you can earn yourself a Nekros Prime just for watching.

No release date has been announced, but looking at past years and their big reveals at Tennocon, it will most likely hit at the end of the year.