E3 2019: Stadia is Starting the Major Lead into Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming is not an entirely new concept, but having Google focus their time and energy entirely on the cloud and delivering games is a big push to a new way to play. Its popularity long-term, however, will really depend on just how well everything is actually implemented. A good chunk of countries don’t have the best internet, but Stadia seems to feel as though they’ll likely be able to stream games in a proper way despite the challenge. The main goal of Stadia is offering quick, easy and efficient streaming of games through google platforms. Be it the Chrome browser or Pixel phones, they’re aiming to make games available at any time when players are connected and even aiming for other platforms in the future.

A big boost in confidence was hearing that players are able to control the amount of bandwidth they use. This means the reported 1TB of used in 65 hours of 4K gameplay might be a lot more controllable for those still wanting to get the best within reason. Stadia is truly one of the biggest names right now, so getting these things right is important if they want to remain memorable and not just a flop that couldn’t make it because the world wasn’t quite ready. With Google working hard to make it accessible to a variety of different players, be it through large subscriptions or simple purchases of games, there will be a way for most anyone to pick up and play these cloud titles through their preferred method.

With a first lineup for Stadia already set in motion and more titles coming out every day, there’s a very positive setup to this streaming service. How it ends up will solely depend on Google’s promise to deliver seamless streaming accessibility to the players who are ready to embrace all it has to offer, and those who wish to try it out but aren’t entirely confident in their streaming capabilities. There’s likely to be bumps along the way, but Stadia may very well be the start of what could be called the future of traditional PC and mobile gaming for players around the world.