E3 2019: Exploring the Oldest House in Control

Last year at Sony’s E3 press conference, Alan Wake and Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment made an appearance as one of the few third-party developers at that event with a first look at their newest title, Control. Featuring creepy yet distinct imagery, Control’s first trailer was instantly memorizing, particularly upon the discovery of the acclaimed studio that was developing this unique title. At this year’s E3, Control has stayed away from the press conference spotlight, but the game still has a noteworthy presence at E3, particularly considering its launch in just a couple of months.

After some brief details were revealed about the story last year, Remedy were ready to share more of the motivations of protagonist Jesse Faden and her journey. After a supernatural incident in her childhood involving her brother being abducted by a mysterious organization known only as the Bureau, Jesse has spent her life tracking him down to a building known as the Oldest House, a misleading and eccentric location that houses the Bureau. Upon her arrival, the Bureau is invaded by a paranormal force called the Hiss, and Jesse is tasked with not only discovering what has become of her brother, but overcoming the supernatural elements that stand in her way.

In addition to a growing number of superhuman abilities including levitation and telekinesis, Jesse is also in possession of a transformable gun known as the Service Weapon, with both playing an equally important and deep role into how players approach combat. This balance between powers and gunplay is the current focus for the team leading up to launch, while ensuring that the combat remains responsive and quick with Remedy’s renowned third-person combat. Unlike past Remedy titles, Control is aiming to be a less linear experience, creating a sense of discovery through side missions and backtracking with new abilities, while ensuring a level of care and dedication with the world the team is building. In order to accomplish this deeper world and enhanced combat, the engine received some significant improvements over the course of development, specifically in regards to animations, physics and AI behavior.

Creating a level of investment through characters, gameplay and the surrounding world remains a key focus for Remedy as they enter the final stages of development on Control, and with a stronger core enhanced by exploration of this mysterious Oldest House, Control is looking to be Remedy’s most ambitious project to date.

Control is set to launch on August 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.