E3 2019: eFootball PES 2020 Welcomes Messi, Even More Realism

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series always seems to be sitting in the back seat. This is disappointing because there’s no other sports game that offers the technology that PES has. The series is also one of the longest-running sports series there is. PES has always seemed to be geared towards hardcore football fans and while that presence is still there with eFootball PES 2020, this looks to be the most approachable version of the game to date. It certainly has the cover athlete to welcome fans to the series. Messi and FC Barcelona will be featured in this year’s game and that’s only turning the door handle on what Konami has in store. We played quite a few games during E3 2019 as each match kept us coming back for more.

While Konami had mentioned that other team license announcements are coming in July, FC Barcelona is confirmed. This will also not only include Messi but also Ronaldinho. It doesn’t just stop there. Every unique dynamic that Ronaldinho features on the field is also in the game. This means his dribbling and shooting animations are all present. PES 2020 goes deeper than that. With our experience playing the game, there’s an animation that serves as a reaction for almost anything. There are new ways to defend the ball and pass the ball. Players show much more emotion and a match feels extremely cohesive.

The visuals have always stood out with the PES franchise and this year is no different. Every player and coach has received a new 3D body scan and players have never looked better in a uniform. Konami knows they have the leg up in this technology as no facial scans have been able to touch what PES offers. Even from a distance, the players still are recognizable and look fantastic. The same goes for each stadium as well.

Players will be surprised at how many animations appear in the game. There seems to be a variety of responses to different situations including one-on-one action. Gameplay feels tighter in the right locations and shooting isn’t confusing for the newcomer. PES 2020 will include numerous tips to get new players up to speed so they’re not left wondering why they couldn’t pull something off. The most satisfying implementation is the new finesse dribble. This allows for some fantastic moves through traffic that feels free. We got goosebumps pulling off some of these moves. Konami worked with Andres Iniesta to properly implement this and other facets such as taking advantage of player errors and where on the field certain exploits are best used. With the buttery smooth finesse dribble, you’ll be scoring highlight goals in no time.

To further provide support to the animations in PES 2020, those who are masters have the ability to trap the ball in various ways this year. Not only is the game getting retooled ball physics that can be noticed almost instantaneously, those who are true players can put all the moves together thanks to the variety of trap options. This also includes No Touch Control which allows players to run alongside of the ball. The tools are here this year to make your opponent weep on their knees.

To get the more casual players into the game, it helps that the user interface has been overhauled. The menus and presentation are much more easier on the eyes and are visually appealing. Konami is also implementing Matchday which allows for daily online matchups that allow players to accrue group points for their football club. This all goes until the Grand Final where Konami will analyze the best players and pit them against each other in the end.

The Master League returns and will feature full scans of legendary coaches. It will implement more realistic player transfers and it looks to be a much better experience than in the past. As for legends, PES 2020 currently has eleven legends announced for the game. Beckham will return as a legend this year along with the likes of Totti, Nakata, Kahn and more. Fans of the PES series have a lot to be excited about this year as the game launches on September 10 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.