E3 2019: Survios Brings AMC’s The Walking Dead Together with Phantom Melee Technology

There have been a slew of Walking Dead games over the years, but nothing of note based on the story everyone knows. Survios has struck a deal with AMC to introduce characters from the television version of The Walking Dead to a virtual reality game. The Walking Dead Onslaught has a place in the television show’s universe, as the story takes place prior to the show meeting with Negan. Onslaught will go deeper than just the story as the physics are at the forefront of the game’s design. We got to experience this blood bath at E3 2019 with a hands-on demo.

While the time frame of the story is aiming towards pre-Negan, players will not be playing a part of the show. Instead, Survios has worked with writers from AMC’s The Walking Dead to create Onslaught’s own story. This will also include the campaign. Players can choose their favorite characters from the show and even some voices are included (Norman Reedus is one). During the play session, we had Eugene guiding us on our mission. The layout will feature walkers throughout and the development team did mention there would be other surprises in the game, but nothing right now to confirm. The team did confirm that noise will attract walkers, and towards the end of our mission, an endless horde did surround us.

The most impressive aspect of Onslaught was the gameplay. Survios has confirmed that it is taking its Phantom Melee Technology, which was used to power Creed: Rise to Glory, and implementing it into this game. The idea behind this technology is that it tricks the brain into believing that the hit you deliver is real. Onslaught does include guns, but there are melee weapons as well. We can confirm that “Lucille” is in the game, along with a famous katana and other weapons. Individual guns have special aspects about them such as the shotgun needing to be lowered to reload. Players can place their hands properly on the guns to help better mimic the feel of mowing down walkers.

The other important aspect is player movement and if you have played Creed: Rise to Glory, this is implemented the same way. Players will swing their arms while holding down face buttons to move around the area. To complete this experience, Survios has included a limb-dismemberment system. This means that individual body parts can be blown off, which results in a lot of blood. Like a lot of blood. If you have a weak stomach for blood, things might not bode well for you. Players can literally impale a zombie with a sword and lift it through the torso. There’s enough creativity here to question your sanity at times.

Collecting resources on the way is also important as players will need to be on their toes. The aiming mechanic worked well as it brings an immersive experience that had its fair share of scares, but more importantly was fun. The zombie models are detailed and don’t feel generic. Faces look like walkers you would see on the show. Players are given a high score at the end of the mission. The Walking Dead Onslaught is aiming for a Fall 2019 release. The only platform confirmation so far is on Windows with Oculus and HTC Vive support.