Snag Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night for Under $32 at Fanatical

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is finally available after years of development – and you can get it for some crazy-good prices right now, but no one tops Fanatical and its $31.59 price. GOG has the game at an early bird discount of $35.99, which is a great value overall since you get a DRM-free version of the game. The Fanatical deal does get you a Steam key – making it the cheapest way to get a Steam-activated version so far. That is the lowest price available for the game yet.

It’s a bit lower than even Best Buy’s gamers club unlocked pricing for either the Xbox One and PS4 versions now, or the Switch version when it launches on June 25. If you want it physically on console, then Best Buy is the way to go if you have gamers club unlocked still active. If you want it DRM-free, then GOG is the only way to go, and at $36, it’s only $4 more than a DRM-activated version. In the long run, that may be the best deal given that you won’t have to ever worry about online activation being added to the game in any way in order to play.