E3 2019: Alienware is Redoing the Way People Look at Laptops

Alienware showed off some new hardware at E3 2019 and the results are pretty astounding. For its gaming laptop line, Alienware introduced the new m15 and m17 laptops. What was immediately noticeable about these two machines was the design. The Legend industrial design will be making its way to both these models. Rather than being a unit that folds symmetrically like a traditional laptop, the Legend design almost pops up like a television. The design separates itself from every other laptop out there. Both models come equipped with 9th gen Intel Core processors along with NVIDIA GTX or RTX graphics. Both laptops will take the best of what Alienware has learned and combine it together for the new m15 and m17 models.

With both models including high end processing, those that go with RTX 2070 or 2080 will feature new voltage regulation. This allows for maximizing performance as people can combine this voltage regulation with the Alienware Command Center to get even more performance if they choose. Obviously, with this type of power you’ll need cooling. Both the m15 and m17 will include the evolutionary Cryo-Tech Cooling 3.0 technology. This means more airflow and thermal efficiency to handle all the power you can throw at it.

Users will really feel the difference when holding the unit. Having seen both the m15 and m17 at E3 2019, the design and feel are extremely unique. You know you have a high quality product. The weight is extremely light as a magnesium chassis has been fitted to both units. New keys for the keyboard have been added that measure 1.7mm as opposed to 1.4mm. The touchpad is even comprised of precision glass. New engineering went in to remodeling both the keyboard and touchpad for these models.

The Legend Design of the m15 and m17 series Alienware Laptops

While both models share quite a bit of similarities, there are differences. The m15 is the world’s first 15″ laptop to feature Tobii eye tracking technology. This allows for looking around an area while playing a game without using the touchpad or a mouse. Meanwhile, the m17 is the first notebook to include Eyesafe blue light technology. This is for eye protection while using the laptop for those who go with the 144hz refresh rate panel. This version also includes Tobii eye tracking. Of course, both models are complete with RGB options thanks to AlienFX lighting. This allows RGB customization on a per-key basis.

Dell is also introducing budget gaming laptops for those players that don’t have the demand that Alienware players do. The Dell G3 15 will include 9th gen Intel Core processors with 6 GB GDDR5 dedicated RAM and NVIDIA GTX 16-series cards. This also includes a 144hz display and a Game Shift button that provides an extra boost for gaming. These models start out at only $799. The G7 15 and 17 will include an 8th gen Intel Core processor with the option of an i9 processor now available. The entry level card on this is a GTX 1050ti but the 20 series is optional. Eyesafe is also included on these with 144hz displays or an optional 240hz display. Full RGB is also optional on these units.

Alienware’s new budget-friendly wired gaming headsets available in stereo or 7.1 surround sound.

Laptops aren’t the only hardware that Alienware showed off at E3 2019. The company is also adding gaming headsets to its arsenal, available in stereo or 7.1 surround sound, and the look of them really compliment the Alienware computers. Both will include memory foam ear cushions, a retractable microphone and 50mm audio drivers to deliver crisp sound. These also will include a 3.5mm connection so they can be interchangeable on consoles as well. The idea for these headsets is to provide long and comfortable play sessions. Most importantly, these headsets won’t break the bank. The 7.1 surround sound version retails for $100 and the stereo headset is $80. These will come in Dark Side of the Moon and Lunar White in late July.