E3 2019: Logitech Makes All of its Gaming Mice HEROs

Logitech’s HERO 16K sensor has a leg up on the industry and most of its gaming mouse library has received the upgrade treatment. During E3 2019, Logitech finished off implementing the HERO sensor into the last three devices. HERO, standing for High Efficiency Rated Optical, is the most precise and accurate technology on the market. The G403, G703 and G903 are now available with the HERO 16K sensor along with all the other perks that made each mouse great. “Since its introduction, our exclusive HERO sensor has been a breakthrough in sensor technology, and people love it,” said Ujesh Desai, Vice President and General Manager of Logitech Gaming. “Rolling this out across more of our gaming mice just made sense, and we’re excited to offer more gamers the accuracy and battery life needed to perform at their best.”

The top mouse that Logitech offers, the G903, will carry over the wireless LIGHTSPEED compatibility and POWERPLAY implementation. Up to 140 hours of playtime is capable with the device. The G903 is ambidextrous, meaning it fits for both right hand and left handed users. It also includes RGB via the Logitech G Hub along with eleven programmable buttons. The retail price of the updated mouse is $149.99.

The G703 focuses on comfort and will now be armed with the precision of the HERO sensor. Also including RGB implementation, the mouse weighs in at just 95G and can last up to 35 hours. LIGHTSPEED and POWERPLAY are also carrying over and this mouse will retail at only $99.99. Finally, the G403 will get same treatment and for a more budget-friendly price. It keeps the wire, the RGB and the removable weight will including the new HERO sensor for better performance. The G403 retails for $69.99.

All three gaming mice are currently available on Logitech’s website with the roll out to retailers already occurring. The Logitech G Hub is the software that will allow for all the customizing of the equipment and players can also download RGB profiles from other users. The HERO sensor itself offers the best tracking on the market with over 400 IPS and 40gs of acceleration along with a DPI ranging from 100 to 16,000.