Fanatical Fugitive Bundle Offers Massive Savings on a Plethora of Games

Fanatical‘s newest fugitive-named bundle offers up a wide variety of gaming deals set across several tiers with a game lineup that doesn’t exactly fit the naming of the bundle. Tier 1 allows you to pay $1.49 and get Devil Daggers, Blood Bowl, and STALKER. Tier 2 costs $4.99 and gets you those alongside MARS, LUST, Stalker: Call of Pripyat, The Town of Light, Flashing Lights, and Wings of Vi. The final tier is $9.99 and gets you Redout: Enhanced Edition, Cossacks 3, and its Guardians of the Highlands DLC. Redout is a fantastic value here and well-worth the $10 on its own – it’s a top-shelf Wipeout-style racer and a must for anyone who loved that series.