Review: HyperX Cloud Stinger Wireless Headset

In the sea of countless game headset manufacturers, HyperX is a brand that has generally impressed us as they continue to introduce new models. The Cloud Stinger Wireless is the first wireless headset they’ve offered that has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price below one hundred dollars. Headsets come in a range of quality and prices, and while something good can be found at any price point, finding something that exceeds expectations for a given price bracket is when you’ve found something valuable. Hardcore Gamer got our mitts on the Cloud Stinger Wireless and we decided to put it through the ringer to see how well it delivers.

Getting into the technical specifications of the Cloud Stinger Wireless Headset, it features dynamic 50mm neodymium magnet drives with a circumaural, closed back. Compared to 40mm drivers, the 50mm does offer some more low end, but the quality of the driver has more to do with overall sound than the size. The frequency response is 20Hz-s0,000Hz with an impedance of 32 Ω with sound pressure level of 109dBSPL/mW at 1kHz and T.H.D.: <2%. The microphone is an Electret condenser mic that is uni-directional and noise canceling, with a frequency response of 100Hz-7000Hz, with a sensitivity of -47dBV (0dB=1V/Pa,1kHz). The headset weighs in about 270 grams, or roughly half a pound, and as a meter long USB charging cable. The battery life is 17 hours at fifty percent volume, and takes about two and a half hours to get a fully charged. The headset has a 12 meter/40 foot range and operates at 2.4GHz.

The Cloud Stinger Wireless is compatible with PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Pairing it is simply a matter of attaching a USB dongle. Compatible chat programs are Teamspeak, Discord, Skype and Mumble. While not advertised on the packaging, it does work with Switch provided it is in docked mode. Due to no USB port on the Switch, this headset will not work with the Switch in handheld mode, but for playing on a TV this seems to works just fine with it.

The all black design looks slick and sophisticated, so using this with an laptop out in public wouldn’t be a cause for embarrassment. The mic is muted by swiveling it up and it tucks in against the side of the headset, making it inconspicuous when not in use. Compared to other Cloud headsets this one is the lightest by a few ounces and the foam cushioned earcups allow for comfortable use for extended play sessions. During the review time, no play session exceeded two hours but that was due to other scheduling reasons and not from headset-related discomfort. The volume knob is located on the bottom of the right ear cuff for easy access. The earcuffs can be turned inward for easy packing when traveling.

As far as extra features go, the Cloud Stinger Wireless Headset doesn’t really offer any. It is an entry level, no frills wireless headset. There’s no custom EQ settings, digital surround sound, separate game audio and chat controls or other features like bass boost. If those things are important to you, keep shopping around because this doesn’t have that. On the other hand, if all that you want is a wireless headset that sounds great, this could be the one for you. The sound quality is crystal clear across the wireless transmission, with the 50mm drivers giving a little extra low end thump without distortion. Using this for gaming, movies and listening to music, the sound is noticeably better than fuller than just listening through any stock speakers. For gaming, communication is clear, both on the speaking and listening end of things.

Closing Comments:

The Cloud Stinger Wireless Headset is a great option for people who want incredible sound from a wireless headset without breaking the bank. When it comes to hardware, there’s some sort of compromise between quality, features and price. The Cloud Stinger Wireless cuts out features but delivers the quality at a suggested retail price of $99.99. The sound quality is not quite as nice as the HyperX Cloud MIX, but this model is also half the cost. For people who want the sound quality of a high end headset and don’t care about the bells and whistles, the sound quality for a wireless headset at this price point will be tough to beat.