Best of E3 2019 – Day Five: Game of Show

Over the past five days, Hardcore Gamer has revealed its Best of E3 2019 Awards. All good things must come to an end and today we’re proud to present you with our Game of Show.

Doom Eternal

You know a game is special when even after playing the same demo two times (once on PC and once on Stadia), you’re still itching to play again. That’s exactly what makes Doom Eternal our Game of Show for E3 2019. id Software’s task could not have been harder as they sought to build upon the already excellent Doom 2016. Somehow, they managed to do just that. The Doom Slayer is back and he brought a sack full of guns and tools. The same addictive gameplay loop returns as players navigate arenas and battle tooth and nail just to survive. In a surprising change from the original, Doom Eternal now asks players to utilize different tools to manage resources. It’s an odd change, but one that significantly boosts the pulse-pounding tension built during every fight.

While Doom Eternal is best on PC, there’s no doubt that id Software can deliver on all fronts. Whether playing on PC or Stadia, Eternal delivered high quality visuals and framerates perfect for its fast-paced action. The game is gorgeous to look at with highly detailed gun and monster designs and beautifully-animated finishers. E3 2019 included a lot of noteworthy games that featured great gameplay, level design and visuals, but none wrapped them together as perfectly as Doom Eternal. From the very start of the demo to the final blue portal at the end, Doom Eternal had us gripped tightly. It’s thanks to the blend of these elements that Doom Eternal is Hardcore Gamer’s E3 2019 Game of Show.


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