Twitch Introduces Subscriber Streams

While there’s a handful of streaming services, especially when it comes to video game centric ones, Twitch has been the dominate platform. They have been at the top of their game to create a fun ways for streamers and viewers can interact, and they continue to do so with the recent announcement of Subscriber Streams.

Like most services, streaming on Twitch has been open to the public, being able for anyone to come and hop into a stream without much worry. Well, for Affiliate and Partners, you’ll be able to give your viewers even more incentive to click that subscriber button and reward existing subscribers in the process. For this, though, there is a restriction that requires streamers to have a 90 day clean record; that’s 90 days of broadcasting instead of just three months.

The stream itself will look more or less the same, just with a star next to the broadcaster on the sidebar, and will allow non-subscribers to hop in to preview it before deciding to join. The VOD for subscriber streams will be limited to, as you guessed it, subscribers.┬áSmartly, though, Twitch is implementing it so you can Clip during a stream and share it around, giving those who aren’t subscribed a look at what they’re missing.

Having subscriber streams will not only help subscriber numbers for established users, but might actually boost smaller streams. It ensures that those who aren’t ready to make a monetary commitment will most likely find another stream elsewhere for the day.

Twitch Subscriber Streams is in beta today for Affiliates and Partners.