Screenshot Saturday Featuring The Pedestrian, Ninja Chowdown, Many More

Well, time for another edition of Screenshot Saturday here at Hardcore Gamer, where talented developers and artists promote their latest projects on social media with the #screenshotsaturday tag, and we select some of the most interesting ones to feature here as well! And forgive me if we have another short edition, because on top of still coming down from the sensory overload that was E3, now I’m also just coming down from the high that was an epic Summer Game Done Quick marathon. So as someone who badly needs rest after all of that, let’s head straight into things. Enjoy!

Knights and Bikes- An epic childhood adventure about riding bikes in between solving mysteries wouldn’t be complete without an option to trick out your two-wheelers with whatever decorations you’d like the most. And not only does that allow us to see more fun biking gameplay this weekend, we also get a welcome dose of pride as well. Bravo!

Glitched- We’ve showcased Glitched and it’s meta RPG world about video game characters becoming self-aware before, but only until I saw this did I realize we haven’t shown off any of it’s combat, just overworld stuff. But that changes now, thanks to this rather well-designed slime and a terrific Earthbound homage in terms of composition.

The Pedestrian- Not only does the location here for this sign-inspired puzzler look fantastic (and I can’t say I see an issue with the bloom at all), but it also serves as just an impressive showcase of the game in general, showing off its unique style and its mechanics, all in one quick clip. Definitely some fun stuff.

Kunai- Because this may be a stylish and fun game where the main hook is being able to expertly fling the titular weapons so that you can swing around in moments straight out of Spider-Man or Bionic Commando, but sometimes good old-fashioned rapid gunfire is needed to blow you way through an enemy. The simplest solutions are sometimes the best, you know.

iii- Again, my inability to read Japanese sadly prevents me from properly summarizing this top-down adventure. Thankfully, lush graphics, fast gameplay, and a beautiful soundtrack are things that easily break past language barriers, so consider me still excited for this game.

Half Past Fate- Another showcase of how even the little things like well-designed transitions and cutscene design can enhance a game quite a bit when implemented well. I mean, we’re looking at a a simple tea festival in a dating simulator, and yet somehow they’ve managed to easily grab my attention (no disrespect to either, of course).

Ninja Chowdown- Huh, you tend to see a ninjitsu spell like this several times in other media, using a log if not a dummy, but indeed, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it performed as an offensive attack on an enemy before. Unless the implication is that this amusing-looking runner is a bit less Naruto and a bit more One Piece.

Lightmatter- Well, if the Portal games have taught us anything about first-person puzzlers, it’s that research facilities being powered by bizarre technology are always nice and safe! Though regardless of whether or not this looks like a Christmas tree, it is still an impressive sight nonetheless.

Pepper Grinder- Despite the statement in this tweet, you may still be wondering what random bugs are doing flying around with treasure. Well, let me back this up by stating that this is indeed normal. Normal for a world where giant drills are used to full off sick stunts that we can’t wait to try for ourselves, but normal regardless.

Merchant of the Skies- …Well, it looks fun to me! Probably not as fun as piloting the airships and taking them on adventures and building trading empires that pay for all of this, but dang, it still looks like a fun lighthouse. I mean, I’d put a little casino inside it as well, but still…