Limited Time 3v3 Showdown Event Added to Rainbow Six: Siege

Back in April, Ubisoft added a limited time event to their popular FPS called Rainbow is Magic, which put a colorful and playful spin on the serious strategic shooter, turning the Plane map and several of the operators into toy-based replicas with unicorns and butterflies galore.

While the latest event for Rainbow Six: Siege isn’t quite as humorous, it does offer a unique alternative to the stress-inducing primary modes. Now through July 16, players can participate in the Showdown event, which pits teams of three against one another in a western-themed adaptation of the Fort Truth map. Each round lasts ninety seconds, and restricts players to using the BOSG.12.2 shotgun and the Magnum LFP586 revolver as well as one of ten operators with over thirty unlockable themed customization items.

Check out the trailer below for the Showdown event, which is live now in Rainbow Six: Siege for PS4, Xbox One and PC.