Shiny New Langrisser Collection Announced for Nintendo Switch

Nowadays, if one wants to play a fantasy-tactics RPG, Fire Emblem is pretty much the only game in town. This wasn’t always the case though; Fire Emblem used to have competition in the genre, and it could be argued that the the Langrisser series was its foremost rival. All the hallmarks were present: fantasy setting, powerful heroes, nefarious villains, combat favoring tactics and positioning over unit strength, flashy animations and a solid story. The series has been dormant for a few years now, but that’s finally about to end with these newly remade versions contained in the Langrisser I & II collection.

These new versions of the first two games in the series feature fully redone artwork, re-orchestrated music and quality of life improvements in addition to other minor additions. This is definitely one Fire Emblem fans will want to look into once they’re finished with Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Langrisser I & II launches for Nintendo Switch in early 2020.