Colt Cabana Joins the Fray in RetroMania Wrestling

RetroMania Wrestling has been shown off in playable form at several shows recently, and now it’s got another star added to its roster. Former NWA World and NWA National Champion as well as Ring of Honor Wrestling commentator Colt Cabana has now been added to the game’s roster. He’s known for a very comedic style and has had fantastic matches with the likes of Toru Yano of New Japan Pro Wrestling that are perfect gateway matches for folks wanting a lighter tone to wrestling. Cabana was one of the first podcasters in pro wrestling and really ushered in the grassroots wrestling fan era with not only his podcast, but also his merchandise.

In doing so, teams like the Young Bucks were able to leverage that mentality and not only create a massive show like All In last year, but it led to the creation of an all-new national entity in pro wrestling with AEW. Had Colt not laid that groundwork down a decade ago, it’s unlikely that we would see things be where they are now – so while he may not be a household name to everyone, Colt Cabana has left a lasting impact on the pro wrestling industry and his official video game debut with RetroMania Wrestling.