Indie Gala Radical Mix Bundle Released

A new high-quality bundle is available on Indie Gala, offering up a lot of great games for very little money. The Radical Mix bundle gets you a ton of games for $4.99. Rogue Stormers, Rad Rodgers: Radical Edition, Unreal Estate, Hazardous Space, and Cheap Golf. Rad Rodgers is an outstanding action-platformer and the radical edition adds some new playable characters to the mix, including Duke Nukem. Rogue Stormers is a very Contra-esque game with a rogue-lite setup – so it’s a great pickup for anyone who wants a solid challenge. When it comes to fast action, those are the best parts of the bundle as everything else has a slower pace. Hazardous Space looks like a slower-paced side-scroller and it’s impressive to look at, but may be a bit too sluggishly-paced for some.