Indie Gala Summer Punisher Offers Up a Slew of Games for $3

Indie Gala’s Summer Punisher bundle is now live, and delivers the goods with a hefty savings on a handful of games. For only $2.99, you get the fast-paced action-platformer Aborigenus, the overhead shooter Tormentor X Punisher, the odd puzzler Mushroom Quest, the Bejeweled-esque Snow Jewels, Outliver: Redemption, and Valkyrius Prime. The latter is great for fans of overhead shooters, while action fans will love Aboigenus. Tormentor X Punisher appears to be the real hidden gem offered up, with a crazy-fast pace in an overhead shooter and a unique super-colorful art style. While none of these games cost a ton on their own, there’s nothing that seems outright bad here beyond Outliver – otherwise, there’s a fair amount of variety amidst some high-quality games.