Robotics;Notes Elite is Coming West in 2020

The enhanced third installment of the Science Adventure series, Robotics;Notes Elite is finally coming west sometime in 2020. Like the other installments in the series, Robotics;Notes Elite primarily follows a visual novel format. The story centers around the members of the Tanegashima High School “Robot Research Club,” and their quest to complete their giant robot. That said, stories in the Science Adventure series have a habit of quickly raising the stakes, the tale of the Robot Research club is certainly no exception.

As with most visual novels, the story is everything in Robotics;Notes Elite. Players will need to successfully use the mysterious Kimijima Report to find and unlock the many secrets in the world if they want the Robot Research Research club to complete its giant robot and hopefully see their best ending. Any less and things might not end up all bright and shiny once the tale reaches its conclusion.

Robotics;Notes Elite launches for PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in 2020.