Lethal League Blaze Tosses Its Funky-Fresh Beats onto Switch

The funkiest and most unique ball game this side of…anywhere is coming to Nintendo Switch. The goal is simple: take that anti-gravity ball and slam it into the opponent as fast and hard as possible. Of course, that’s easier said than done, since just about every character in Lethal League Blaze has several tricks up their sleeves. In order to win, it’s going to take all the skill, grit and funk one can muster (and even that might not be enough).

Lethal League Blaze offers several modes for players to choose from, including: Free-For-All, Strikers, Teams, Lethal Volley, Arcade mode or even Story mode. Beyond that the can experience can be enjoyed both online and locally by up to four people, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to partake of both the frantic gameplay and Lethal League Blaze’s funky-fresh soundtrack. It might not be the best sports/fighting game ever made, but its certainly something party game enthusiasts and lovers of novelty will definitely enjoy.

Lethal League Blaze is available now on PC via Steam and will launch for Nintendo Switch on July 12.