Sea of Solitude Available Now

Ever since it was was given a larger showcase last year at E3, Sea of Solitude has been on the radars of many. The atmospheric indie action-adventure game from developers Jo-Mei and published by EA under their Originals line has tantalized us quite a bit as well, and starting today, all of us can finally get our hands on it. Sea of Solitude is available now, complete with a launch trailer that you can check out below.

Set in world where humans become monsters if they become too lonely, the game’s story revolves around our protagonist Kay attempting to avoid that fate by journey through their own sea of solitude. The trailer showcases some of the challenges they’ll face along the way, which includes a notable amount of shadowy giants. Sea of Solitude is available on PS4, XB1, and PC for you to explore right now, so consider taking a look.