Review: Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED HERO Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech’s gaming mouse at the top of the mountain is the G903 LIGHTSPEED. This ambidextrous design suits almost all gamers with its hot-swappable customizable buttons and lightweight design. Ironically, the G903 was lacking Logitech’s best technology. Recently, Logitech finished off the rest of its gaming mouse lineup with the HERO 16K technology. HERO stands for “High Efficiency Rated Optical” and the technology includes a maximum DPI of 16,000. What this equates to is fast and high precision from the sensor on the mouse. Logitech finally combined the two with the G903 LIGHTSPEED HERO. Logitech has improved on its top-rated mouse by creating what is no doubt the best gaming mouse on the market.

The biggest selling point to the original G903 was that ambidextrous design, but it also included LIGHTSPEED and POWERPLAY compatibility. Gamers can pair the mouse with the POWERPLAY mouse pad to create a seamless wireless experience with LIGHTSPEED technology. The POWERPLAY allows the mouse to seamlessly charge its battery, but the kicker with the updated HERO sensor is the life of the battery. The new G903 is able to last 140 hours on a full charge and 180 hours with no lighting. That’s literally a week and is 6X the previous version. This mouse also includes the 10g weight to help hold it down a bit more, but the precision without the weight combined with the HERO sensor is a pure joy to use.

When the G703 and G903 were previously released, I enjoyed the feel of the G703 more. Although the design hasn’t changed for the G903, this newer version makes playing games really enjoyable. Spending hours on Diablo 3 and requiring minimal effort to play the game, just by using the new G903, brought me back to playing. With eleven programmable buttons, all spells and actions were mapped to the mouse.

Playing The Division 2 and Apex Legends allowed for the same ease of use but also resulted in what felt to be quite a bit of freedom in movement. Gamers will immediately notice a different feeling with the HERO sensor even when just navigating Windows. The exterior is still comprised of a slightly rugged matte black plastic with grooves on both sides to holster your thumb and fingers. Compare that with the G703 that features a more smooth exterior, but the G903 is still comfortable.

The left and right mouse buttons are mechanical with metal springs and the scroll wheel features either a locking mechanism or a free-flowing ability to suit your needs. Clicking can be loud, but doesn’t surpass the noise of a mechanical keyboard. If gamers forego the POWERPLAY mat, the box comes with a USB cable and a wireless adapter. Using the Logitech G Hub, gamers can also download color profiles for the mouse as it supports 16.8 million colors for RGB. The amount of RGB hasn’t changed and isn’t substantial, but gamers can change the logo. There’s also lighting for DPI options and a battery monitor can be added. With support of 140 hours of playing time, maxing all this out shouldn’t be an issue.

Closing Comments:

Premier gaming peripherals do come at a premier price, but the Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED HERO price tag seems fair for the technology involved. The mouse retails for $149.99, but getting the most out of the mouse can get a bit pricey. If gamers want to include the POWERPLAY mouse pad, this adds another $100 to the total. It proves difficult, however, to go back to anything else once gamers start using the mouse pad. As for the G903, this newer version with the HERO sensor is untouchable in terms of technology. If gamers invest in the mouse, they will have a product that not only lasts but also looks the part. The ease of use, battery life, customization and excellent precision make the Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED HERO difficult to contend with.

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