Screenshot Saturday Featuring Hunt the Night, Double Kick Heroes, Many More

Well, we’re into July now, and this means two things for Screenshot Saturday: A possible increase in activity surrounding the #screenshotsaturday hashtag as developers begin showcasing what they may be bringing to like of Gamescom and PAX West by the end of Summer, and that it likely starts becoming too hot for me to get out coherent editions of this in time. But before the heat sets in and fries my brain for the day, we still have a terrific selection of promising games showcasing little glimpses into their development to check out, so let’s get right to it!

RAD- As a fan of old-school video game magazines that would publish full-color maps showing you entire levels in various games, it’s definitely a treat to zoom out and see something like this. Sure, it may only be one chunk of a level to be procedurally generated along others in this top-down post-apocalyptic game, but it’s always nice to get a peek at the various pieces and how everything comes together.

Gravastar- As mentioned in the tweet, we haven’t seen much from this unique JRPG that blends traditional RPG gameplay with fighting game combat in quite some time. And while it would be great to see more combat later, this small, gorgeous bit showcasing an impressive blends of 2D and 3D as you roam around is a nice consolation prize for now.

Hunt the Night- Admittedly, it’s probably more effective to check out this game’s trailer so that you can see this celestial being in action as a boss battle, which also showcases the gameplay of this action-adventure game inspired by the 16-bit era quite nicely. But even on its own, this is still a mysterious and intriguing character design that easily hooks you and invites you to check everything else out.

ITTA- So just in case the glowing skull bullets being shot out by an even bigger skull didn’t drive home the point that you may need to go as H.A.M. as possible on an enemy like this in order to survive, let’s get a glimpse into the type of special attack you need to make it through bullet hell like this. The shadowy corruption suggests that it may not be pretty, but necessary.

Lume and The Shifting Void- A classic metroidvania game with pixel art that describes itself as being set in a cyberpop world. Indeed, things certainly seem more vibrant and cartoonish here, but as seen in this quick gameplay clip, that certainly doesn’t mean the combat will be any less fast-paced and fun.

Ghost Song- Given that bugs are typically one of the most basic enemies that you expect to find in a metroidvania game, one could say that the solution to getting rid of them seen here may be overkill. And someone like me would counter with the fact that wielding giant mallets is awesome and that it just looks damn fun, so be quiet.

Unto the End- Because a HUD can sometimes get in the way of more cinematic games, especially if it’s meant to be an emotional journey about a father braving the wilderness in order to save their family, you have to really express certain bits like health in creative ways through the characters themselves. Hence watching your character collapse in an eye-catching and dramatic fashion, as seen here.

Double Kick Heroes- Technically, this is another case where the featured tweet actually just serves as a link to a YouTube clip, but given that this is a heavy metal rhythm/action game hybrid, it would be insane to not make the music a major highlight. And indeed, that is one pretty wicked song here, which should be incredibly fun to blast away zombies to.

A Juggler’s Tale- While I’m still waiting for Puppeteer for the PS3 to eventually be realized by more people as the cult hit that it deserves to be, it’s nice to see other games using the setting of a puppet theater as the backdrop for a unique narrative-based platformer. And one that looks quite breathtaking, at that!

The Captain- A graphic adventure game where you play as a Spacefleet Captain venturing out on several miniature adventures with multiple endings that should make for a unique whole and should help make for equally unique stories with a colorful cast. It’s unknown if the type of fruit that you purchase dramatically changes the outcome, but would be interesting to see how that can happen…

Frontline Scavengers- When people need to scavenge for whatever they can get their hands on after a massive singularity does a lot of damage to a lot of planets, things get quite hectic. Hectic enough to destroy entire portions of the ground, as seen here with some nice and quick action, as well as some neat little graphical touches.