Outbuddies Aims to Bring New Twists on Metroidvanias on Consoles, PC

Outbuddies has been in the works for a while, and after a successful 2017 Kickstarter, we’ve getting an idea on the game’s future. This local co-op-capable Metroidvania offers up a slick sci-fi world and a bigger emphasis on puzzles than is the normal for the sub-genre. The game is a rare one-man show when it comes to development, as Julian Laufer is crafting it on his own. However, Headup Games is stepping up to the plate with publishing duties to help out. The end result will net the game a greater audience, and with this being a different take on Metroidvanias, the help may be a life-saver.

With the lofty goal of being at least on-par with genre heavyweights like Dead Cells and Hollow Knight, there’s a high level of expectation that comes with that kind of comparison. In late 2019, we’ll have a chance to enjoy it as the game hits Steam then before landing on consoles in 2020. From what’s been shown so far, Outbuddies looks very promising and should be able to carve a niche out for itself in due time. We’ll be keeping an eye on the game as the release date draws near.