The Game Bakers Give Brief Look at Haven Gameplay

The Game Bakers have said almost nothing about Haven since they first announced it back in February. It was known that the game was an “adventure RPG,” had sci-fi elements and starred two lovers, but that was about all the studio was willing to share at the time. With the release of a new gameplay trailer though, fans of the developer can finally get a real grasp of what exactly Haven is going to be, and it can be best summed up with the same word that best describes Furi: “unique.”

Based on this and comments from The Game Bakers, it’s looking like Haven will be highly focused on its story and digging into the characters of Yu and Kay. In a blog post on The Game Baker’s site, creative director Emeric Thoa describes Haven as a game about fighting for freedom. “Haven is about two characters, Yu and Kay, a couple in love,” he writes. “They escaped to a deserted planet to stay together.” Thoa goes on to say that players control both character simultaneously both in and out of battle.

As seen in the trailer, combat mostly follows JRPG conventions with the key difference of playing both characters at once. Rather than simply taking turns, combat in Haven is more about chaining actions together and timing them in a way that allows for tactical maneuvering. In other words, players will have to be both more active and strategic in battle than in some other RPGs. It sounds a bit risky, but if they can make this new approach work like they did in Furi, then Haven will no doubt become a hit as well.

Haven is set to release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch; it doesn’t have a release date yet though.