Yusuke Kitagawa Shows-Off Some Artistic Flair in Persona 5: The Royal Trailer

As the Japanese release of Persona 5: The Royal nears, Atlus is revealing more and more details about the project. So far, it’s been confirmed that this new version of Persona 5 will be bringing all manner of new content to the game. Most notably, fans can expect a new addition to the Phantom Thieves, a new palace to infiltrate and a brand new area of the city to explore. There appears to be quite a bit more beyond these major features though. Original Phantom Thieves are getting expanded roles in the new version too, which is excellent news for everyone who wants to know more about characters like Ann Takamaki or struggling artist Yusuke Kitagawa.

Both Ann’s and Yusuke’s trailers show new moments of dialogue for each, as well as new combination attacks added to spice up Persona 5’s combat. Ann’s trailer showed a new scene that takes place in her room, so it’s likely other characters like Yusuke will have similar scenes. Atlus went to the trouble of making a room for each character in Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight after all, so they’ll probably do their best to work them all into Persona 5: The Royal somehow.

Persona 5: The Royal launches for PlayStation 4 on October 31 in Japan. The western release date is still unknown, but will likely fall somewhere in early 2020.