New Fire Emblem: Three Houses Trailer Introduces Students of Blue Lion House

Choice has been an important part of Fire Emblem’s combat system since the series began, but it has never really factored all that much into how each entry’s story plays out. In Fire Emblem: Three Houses however, this might not necessarily be the case. At the game’s outset, players will have to choose which group of students to teach and mentor, and this decision will supposedly determine which path the plot will follow.

Of course, it’s difficult to make such a decision without meeting one’s potential students, so today fans got the second of three trailers introducing each of Fodlan Officers Academy’s three houses. Check it out below and meet the members of Blue Lion House.

They seem like a decent bunch don’t they? Then again though, so do the members of The Black Eagles and The Golden Deer. It’s going to be a tough decision to make, but it’s one that must be made nonetheless. All that said, offering decisions like this alongside the classic Fire Emblem formula is what will hopefully set Fire Emblem: Three Houses apart from the rest of the series. Whether or not it’s enough to make the game into a classic or even just a success won’t become clear until after release of course.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses launches for Nintendo Switch on July 26 in both standard and Special Seasons of Warfare Editions.