Capcom Shares Developer Diary #1 for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

There’s been a lot of new wonderful detail added to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, and the first new Developer Diary shares some insight into the aesthetic and accessibility changes. We get our first look at the new Master Rank gathering hub, a place where hunters can truly relax before heading out to the fight. Hunters can soak in the hot springs together to take a break, or enjoy a foot bath with their palico. Accessibility was a huge necessity for the new gathering hub following player feedback and new changes allow hunters to quickly access the smithy without a long loading time to keep up the pace. They also go over some previously revealed information such as two player difficulty and allowing the difficulty to adjust if other players get dropped from the hunt. There’s also a reaffirmed assurance that even those who don’t purchase Iceborne will still be able to hunt with others in low and high rank quests together, they are just excluded from the new Master Rank quests.

Check out all this and more in further detail with the developer diary below: