Ion Maiden Changes Name to Ion Fury

The upcoming retro first person shooter Ion Maiden recently ran into some legal trouble regarding trademark issues with a new and relatively obscure heavy metal band known as Iron Maiden, an article with more information on the trademark dispute and why it matters can be found here. 3D Realms has taken the sensible route, opting to change the game’s name to Ion Fury  instead of the delaying the game indefinitely by dragging out a lawsuit. With the trademark issue behind them and a shiny new title, Ion Fury has a release date of August 15 for PC, with Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One coming out at a later time. Ion Fury is currently available on Steam Early Access for $19.99, with a price increase to $24.99 on July 18. Collectors can get the Big Box edition for $59.99 that includes a Bowling Bomb shaped USB drive, a poster, a keycard based on the one Shelly finds in-game, a making of booklet, a lanyard, and the game Ion Fury. More information about Ion Fury can be found in our preview.