Morphies Law is Bringing Its Morphing Multiplayer Shooter to Steam

The third-person multiplayer shooter Morphies Law will be heading to Steam, Cosmoscope today announced.

The independent Swiss studio has confirmed that the title will arrive on the platform on July 30.

Along with its release on Steam, Cosmoscope’s title will receive a ‘remorphed’ version on Nintendo Switch.

Both Steam users and Switch owners will be able to compete against one another thanks to the title’s cross-play support.

Morphies Law, which was announced for PC and Switch in 2017, has players taking control of a Morphie and taking on their opponents in head-to-head combat.

Players’ Morphies will increase in size as they shoot their opponents, while enemies will shrink in size as they are hit.

Morphies can be customized using premade faces and bodies or players can make their own, along with using ‘Plugins’ for different parts of the body to change their strategy in matchups.

Morphies Law was released on Nintendo’s hybrid console in 2018.

“We’re extremely happy to be bringing our game to Steam and a newly updated version to the Switch,” says Cosmoscope’s Jonathan.

“We believe that gamers will love the twist that we’ve added onto [the] shooter combat and the extensive customization options we’ve put in the game.”

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