Multiplayer Announced For The Dark Pictures Anthology – Men of Medan

At first glance, The Dark Pictures Anthology – Men of Medan looks like a single-player-only kind of experience. However, this won’t necessarily be the case. Fans can of course play through it by their lonesome, but it turns out that they can bring several friends along for the ride too.

The Dark Pictures Anthology will be shipping with two multiplayer options in addition to the expected solo story mode. The first option allows players to team up with one other person online for a cooperative story experience. Player two isn’t just a passenger in this scenario though; both players will need to make snap decisions and a wrong move at the wrong time can absolutely cause the deaths of both characters.

The other option, “Movie Night Mode,” can be played in a group of up to five players. Each person chooses a character, and players take turns taking control when their character is in the spotlight. Everyone has important and impactful decisions to make, so be careful; the game will be watching, judging and possibly even rewarding just about every action taken.

The Dark Pictures Anthology – Men of Medan launches for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 30.