New UK PR Agency to Help Support LGBT Community in the Gaming Industry

A new UK PR agency will aim to support and promote the work of developers in the LGBT community across the world.

Bifrost PR, based in Gateshead, England, launched this week and has set out its objective of helping the LGBT community in the UK.

CEO Emma Spalding, who previously worked in the gaming industry as a journalist, will helm the PR agency.

According to Bifrost, Ms. Spalding has a background of focusing on indie titles and that moving away from journalism to PR work “seemed to be the next logical step for her.”

Bifrost runs its base of operations from the Pride Media Centre, an LGBT-supporting business and media hub.

Lord Michael Cashman, who is a politician and former actor, officially opened the doors of Pride Media Centre on May 31.

“Indie games were always at the forefront of my mind when I was writing my articles,” Spalding said.

“The passion, drive and creativity of the indie scene always astounded me.

“I want to continue helping indie developers by helping get their games ‘out there’ to a wider audience.

“My existing experience in the gaming industry allows for this.”

The Bifrost CEO admitted that the LGBT community has “always been something I am immensely proud of.”

She continued: “When I was looking for somewhere Bifrost PR could call home, the Pride Media Centre was at the top of my list.

“I am really interested in extending the center’s vision and giving gaming and game development a place within the LGBT+ media industry.”