Anarchic Roguelike Game Streets of Rogue Now Available

We’ve talked about Streets of Rogue before, in particular about how Matt Dabrowski and tinyBuild’s roguelike game can get gleefully chaotic at times. This can be attributed to the game allowing several different approaches when it comes to achieving your goal, be they pacifist or violent. And now the full version of the game has finally been released after a heavily successful run in Early Access, allowing multitudes of people a chance to experience the anarchy first-hand.

On the surface, Streets of Rogue seems quite simple. A top-down game set in a procedurally generated city where the goal is to take down a corrupt mayor. Where the anarchy comes in, as shown in the launch trailer below, is the heavy emphasis on player choice. Because you could take a stealth approach, or you could be gunman. Or you could chuck a toilet at someone and then grow into a giant in order to wreck things. Does that achieve your goal? Who knows? But there’s no morality system here, so feel free to go nuts and be imaginative. Streets of Rogue is available now for all major platforms, and please be warned that the co-op may destroy friendships.