Mega Cat Studios Announce Genesis Platformer Phantom Gear

Mega Cat Studios have done some amazing work over the years in creating original homebrewed games for classic consoles like the NES, Genesis, and SNES. And now they’re back at it again with their latest throwback to old-school video games, Phantom Gear. Set to come to the Sega Genesis, the trailer below gives us our first glimpse at the action platformer, described as being similar in style to the likes of latter-era titles such as Ristar or Dynamite Headdy.

Phantom Gear sees players taking control of Josephine, a heroine setting out to stop an evil cult and the powerful force/giant mechs they seemingly wield. Throughout her journey, she’ll unlock powerful upgrades and weapons while dealing with massive bosses, which will hopefully put up a good challenge. More details will follow when the official Kickstarter campaign for Phantom Gear begins in order to help manufacture the physical copies needed, so stay tuned.