Screenshot Saturday Featuring Freyr, Errand Boy, Many More

Ah, Screenshot Saturday! That magical time of the week where developers, publishers, artists, or basically anyone working on a potential hit indie game shares a snippet of their latest work using the #screenshotsaturday tag. It’s a handy and quick way for smaller games to promote themselves, especially with massive events like Gamescom coming up, which also may explain a few new faces or a couple that have been relatively absent until now. But enough talk, let’s check out the games we’ve chosen to highlight this time around! Although I should mention that one featured GIF may be NSFW this week, depending on how you interpret depictions of ancient deities and whatnot. Anyhow, on with the show…

Recompile- Not only did this 3D metroidvania game set inside of a computer completely sell us on the idea of it having a photo mode thanks to various angles of action-packed moments in its visually striking world, it basically also did so by creating a highlight reel that should sell anyone on the game in general, period. But yes, I say go for the photo mode if possible!

Impossible Bottles- This  would be a rhythm game where you power major cities through giant underground golems that generate energy through their movements, all created by a mad scientist. That’s a premise that sounds amazing on its own, but why not throw ancient goddesses into the mix, especially if it highlights the game’s gorgeous art style even further? Hell yes, I say!

Freyr- Well, time for another retro-styled farming game, but this one has more of an adventure/RPG twist to it! Details are a bit scarce on the story or farming mechanics, admittedly, but it still looks eye-catching and full of enough potential to make a good first impression, especially with the nice touch on what appear to be stealth mechanics here. Or maybe you actually are searching for seeds, but it still looks nifty.

Summer Catchers- Well, it only makes sense that your last Screenshot Saturday post before your game’s release is arguably the most epic peek yet. It should be interesting to see just exactly how this arcade driving game that blends together several other genres does when it releases on the 16th, but for now I just want to know how you miss something like this on the drive up.

Errand Boy- It is what the title says it is: A game where you play as a tiny monster orphan who becomes the errand boy for his entire town. Which may not sound exciting at first, until you learn that our hero is aiming to restore happiness and magic back to everyone thanks to his actions and optimism. Plus, you really can’t resist something this cute, even as they swing a sword around.

Iron Harvest- When you have an RTS game set an alternate 1920s where giant mechs have become common, especially among farmers, you really have to put a lot of thought into how the mech designs should accurately reflect the time period and its various changes. And indeed, what appears to be a giant walking water boiler wielding a cannon with a bayonet on it is exactly what we want in this kind of setting. Or in general, really.

WARSAW- Imagine Darkest Dungeon, except now set in World War II, but with all of the potential trauma and scarring experiences that can impact your characters still intact. And here, we get a preview of one of these characters that you’ll be controlling. It certainly looks like an intriguing game, but here’s hoping Krzysztof can survive our playthroughs without too much emotional damage (which sadly may be unlikely).

Anodyne 2- The sequel to the hit Zelda-like game from several years back, putting together a quick showcase of the game’s first few minutes. And with these few minutes apparently containing both an epic 32-bit three-dimensional world and a brightly-colored 16-bit 2D landscape, we definitely want to see what the setup is that takes us between both.

Shot One- Well, a futuristic arcade sports game certainly needs at least one futuristic arena, doesn’t it? Because even a souped-up disc toss game deserve a stylish playing field with a classic semi-cyberpunk Tokyo setting. Looks fun, but let’s just hope none of those flying cars get hit by a wayward disc…

Shattered Blade- Have we actually combined beat-’em-up games and metroidvania games yet? Because it feels like we might have, and yet it also feels like there’s a hole waiting to be filled by such a combination. So on that note, enter this narrative-driven game where you hunt for your memory, slashing away at opponents with some eye-catching graphics.

King’s Keep- Sometimes, one of the few problems with this gig is coming across extremely talented developers and artists who have performed a lot of work in between working on one bigger personal project, and thus you sadly don’t have time to go through three years of tweets in order to figure out a game’s plot. But what I could find is that this is one impressive-looking platformer, and as seen here, a lot of work has been poured into it over those three years.

World of Horror- Okay, I don’t know exactly how you can rework a horror RPG’s interface so that it delivers results like this…but it fits the game’s tone perfectly, so I won’t say no to it. I may scream in terror, sure, but I won’t say no.

Laundry Game- Described as a narrative-based game about laundry, family, and skeletons. Oh, and talking sunflowers. With really bad puns. And already I love it. And if you do too, maybe consider chipping in at the developer’s Patreon page.