Metal Wolf Chaos XD Mecha-Stomps Towards a Physical Release

The lost From Software Xbox cult classic Metal Wolf Chaos is dashing towards an un-lost status at an alarming pace, like a high powered barrage of red, white, and blue screaming-eagle all-American civil war.  The Vice President has staged a coup and the President isn’t having it, so to restore order to the country he’ll be flattening its defenses in a high-powered mech decked out in the strongest guns an over-funded military-industrial complex can supply.  There’s nothing that can stand in the way of all-American robo-justice, but the Vice President controls the military and has an overpowered mech of his own so he’s certainly going to try.  Whether or not there’s a country left after the two are done shooting it out is questionable at best, but the smoking ruins will be a testament to one of the great cheese-factor stories from the Xbox era.

When Devolver Digital reached out to From Software to revive Metal Wolf Chaos it seemed like the most random team-up possible but also absolutely perfect.  From Software is all about the Dark Souls-style action its been perfecting for the last decade, but if there was ever to be an intersection between Devolver Digital’s unique sensibilities and From’s output, the madness of Metal Wolf Chaos was it.  The game got stranded in Japan despite having full English voice acting, but it was fondly remembered both because it was a solid action game for the time and because its wonderfully ludicrous plot was executed with an un-self conscious over-the-top energy.  It’s just about ready for its US debut at long last, coming out August 9, and today it was announced that there will be a retail PS4 version for those wanting something a bit more permanent for their shelves.  The Gamestop version is available for pre-order already, while Devolver’s in-house Special Reserve Games version will get some extras that have yet to be revealed.  It may be worth waiting to see what Special Reserve has planned, but whatever may be in there, it’s great to see Metal Wolf Chaos XD finally get the release it was denied so many years ago.