Invading Executioner Boss Headlines New Code Vein Trailer

It’s been clear from the very beginning that Code Vein’s gameplay was going to follow the Dark Souls mold pretty closely. Players are going to be making their own characters, building them up, arming them with very impressive-looking weapons and even calling-in friendly players to help with tough sections or bosses. One of those bosses was revealed today in a new trailer, an entity with the curious moniker “Invading Executioner.”

As seen in the video, Invading Executioner focuses on swift precision strikes and powerful water-based area attacks. Aspiring revenants would do well to hold back and analyze her technique before going in for the kill. Failure to do otherwise might just result in becoming yet another foe cut down by the creature’s scythe.

Code Vein launches on September 17 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.