Mobile Game Pokémon Masters Gets New Trailer

If you want to be a Pokémon Master you need the skills to become number one. Actually, in the new mobile game three of you need the skills to reach the top spot together. We first got a look at the new title a couple months ago but a brand new trailer was just released!

Pokémon Masters sees you forming a team of popular trainers, gym leaders and Elite 4 members from the Pokémon games. Each one comes with their own special partner which you can perform a powerful sync move together. A new feature comes into play however with Sygna Suits that allow trainers to change Pokémon partners. The new trailer shows some of the characters such as Brock, Norman, Cynthia, Iris and others. You will be battling in 3vs3 formats and can even provide support as a trainer. Pokémon Masters also has co-op battles so you can try it out with friends.

Currently, there is no release date planned except for sometime this summer. Check out the new trailer below for a look at more action!