Screenshot Saturday Featuring Three of June, Pile Up!, Many More

Well, time once again for Screenshot Saturday, where talented developers use the #screenshotsaturday tag in order to give the public little glimpses into their latest work! I’d love to elaborate even further with a reminder about how we gather a sampling of the most intriguing games that pop up with this tag each week, but between Comic-Con and Splatoon 2’s Splatocalypse happening this weekend, I’ve been too busy thinking too hard about/obsessing over a DuckTales poster and trying to get to the rank of Chaos King in time, so forgive me if I just skip straight to the main attraction. So on with the show, and the highlights we saw this weekend!

Three of June- Now, this short clip from this action platformer certainly looks nice, fun, and fast-paced on its own, but upon heading to see the full trailer mentioned, I discovered this is a game about a robot teddy bear that reprograms a war robot and rides on its shoulder while on a journey to try and rejoin with their young friend June, who is part of a human colony that was taken underground. So add that premise of top of this action and now I’m throwing money at the screen. Bravo!

Pile Up!- A co-op platformer for up to four players where you play as a bunch of cardboard boxes that have to…well, pile up in order to solve various puzzles and overcome obstacles. This wouldn’t be the first platformer where you control cardboard boxes, oddly enough (Unbox immediately springs to mind), but it is one that’s visually striking and seems nice and family-friendly, especially with sweet, calming moments like this, so it’s one to keep on your radar.

Wildfire- Yes, it’s another tweet that’s basically just a link to a YouTube clip. But something as unique as a 2D stealth game where you can manipulate fire and thus cause massive infernos in order to distract/take care of your enemies indeed deserves a full video in order to highlight its gameplay and various mechanics. And to answer the tweet’s questions: Hell yes, most likely (assuming I remember how to stream properly), and yes, respectively.

Fae Tactics- The subtitle for this game is “The Girl Who Destroyed The World.” Well, I guess now we have an idea as to how that destruction actually happens. But seriously, this does indeed look like a run strategy RPG with an interesting fantasy world and some great pixel art, so this may definitely be one for fans of the genre to add to their wish list.

MegaSphere- I don’t exactly know what a weird wireframe-looking object like that is doing here, or indeed where it is necessarily going…but considering the chaos it’s leaving behind in its wake, yeah, maybe best to shoot it down before it heads anywhere else. If you want a more definitive answer, the game is available in Early Access to check out for yourself, and even this quick battle with our odd friend looks damn fun on its own.

Little Hellions- Honestly, I think I just wanted an excuse to bring up the trailer for this game again. But in the rare case where you somehow don’t have time for a trailer yet still want a quick look when it comes to seeing how this multiplayer arena fighter where you swap places with other combatants in order to kill them plays, well, they have you covered.

EleMetals- But for those of you who want a more traditional 2D arena brawler, Wallride has you covered. Heck, they even kept the parts where you play as demons, and the heavy metal soundtrack. Well, a whole heavy metal theme in general, actually. It’s a stylistic, chaotic blast, but let us indeed pour one out for all the combatants who died in the making of it.

Hot Shot Burn- And for those of you who like your arena brawlers to be top-down instead, there’s always this twin-stick fighter that takes the form of a massively popular bloodpsort that’s broadcast galaxy-wide. He’s a quick sample of the mayhem that you’ll be able to indulge in when the game hits Early Access on August 15, complete with a built-in rabid audience.

Chernobylite- Given that the setting for this survival game is an even more twisted version of Chernobyl where all sorts of mad science and strange happenings can occur, proper effects are indeed important when it comes to creating a perfect atmosphere to fit a world like that. Case in point, perfectly creepy bolts of electricity, with the perfect amount of flash. Nice!

Volcanoids- Currently available in Early Access, one may not take a second glance at a mere first-person steampunk survival game, good as it may seem. But one where you travel around in a giant drill? Well, now I’m sold. Bonus points for showing how to properly maintain said drill in case of a robot swarm (the solution being bullets, of course).