Hybrid FMV Game Headspun Gets a Release Date for Console, PC

Publisher Wales Interactive today announced a release date for the upcoming Headspun.

The indie FMV adventure hybrid is slated to launch on August 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and macOS.

According to the Welsh publisher, there will be an active discount on pre-orders through Steam, Xbox One and Switch.

PS4 users in Europe will also receive the discount if they pre-order Superstring’s title through the PlayStation Store.

Players are transported into the ‘broken brain’ of Theo Kavinsky and take control of the character Ted, who acts as the voice in his head and must rebuild Theo’s life.

Assuming the role of Ted, players will discover more about what happened to Theo on the accident of the night and must make decisions for him.

But players’ choices will have an impact on the story as they set about their mission of saving Theo and the world of Cortex.